Englisch-Sprachwoche in Mondsee

Nineteen pupils took part in the Language Project Week.

First of all they got some useful practice in making a power point presentation.

Then they got to know all about the film The Sound of Music which was filmed in and around Salzburg including Mondsee.

Thousands of tourists flock to our area every day of the year and so we thought it was important that the children who live here should know a little bit about it. Alongside watching the film itself, the pupils also learnt about the various locations where the film was made which can be visited still today.

Like real sound of Music pilgrims they also made an excursion to the Basilica in Mondsee where the final wedding scene, when Captain von Trapp marries Maria, was filmed.

Through learning and singing the song from the film, Do, Re, Mi, the pupils learnt some interesting new vocabulary, e.g. the name of a female deer, what is drunk with jam and bread . . .

In addition to all of this, they then learnt a sketch, ‘How dare you!’ which they performed to an audience on the last day.